What you need to know about pet immunizations with vets?

Immunizations or vaccinations are chemicals that are injected or ingested to the body for the purpose of activating protective response within the immune system against any harmful agent. Humans get countless vaccinations or immunizations to help them against a plethora of diseases. Pets are also at a risk of countless infections and bacteria hence they need to get pet immunizations. Pet immunizations create antibodies that help fight disease causing organisms.

Veterinary clinics have researched that pet immunization have played a very vital role in preventing death of many pets. They also help your pet live a healthy life. Following are the reasons why you should get pet immunizations done:

Improve the quality of life of your pet

            When your pet is healthy they will able to lead a better life. Your visits to veterinary clinic will be less. They will be able to live normally and as a pet owner you will be free from any worries.

Prevent illnesses

            Many pet illnesses can be very expensive to treat or very painful. So, when you get your pet immunized timely you’re not only saving your bucks but also saving your pet from pain.

Prevent the spread of illness

            If you don’t get your pet immunized, you will be at a risk of contracting the disease and/or another animal will contract the disease. So, prevent the spread of harmful diseases and get your pet immunized today.

Upholding Local Laws of Immunization

Many areas have laws that require you to get your immunized. There are a set of vaccinations that every household pet must get done. So, you’re upholding the law and also saving your pet and yourself from harmful diseases.


            Every action has a reaction, so vaccinations also have a reaction, but their intensity varies. You must look at the fact that what you’re doing is for the greater good of your pet. This will increase their live span and also enhance the quality of their life. A serious reaction in cats is the development of a sarcoma.

            Puppies and kittens require a series of vaccinations because they are susceptible to more diseases as their immune systems aren’t that well developed at such a young stage. They get the antibodies to fight diseases through their mother’s milk but to provide extra protection they need to be immunized.

Side effects of vaccinations

            Since vaccinations are a foreign chemical agent in your system, it is natural for your body to give some signs of that. Your pets may show some unusual behavior. The side effects are usually short lived but if they persist for more than a week or so you need to consult your veterinary. Following are some common side effects of vaccinations:

  • Fever
  • Swelling of the area
  • Feeling lazy, tired or sleepy
  • Decreased appetite

If your pet shows these symptoms for more than a week you need to see a doctor by contacting Republic Veterinary Animal Hospital at (512) 269-0738. Pet immunizations are a good decision for your pet in the longer run.

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